Saturday, February 25, 2006

John Bolton III and Mark Power at Moving SPACE

Not everybody can afford proper gallery space for their art. Here are two itinerant local art hawkers operating on Fitzroy St. Art, like eating used to be in Melbourne, is seen mainly as an indoor activity. Councils do not seem to permit the Paris style street art markets yet. In the meantime a small number of artists are forced to operate on the streets in this way. See more of their work here Posted by Picasa


Kindurco said...

What a wonderful site; my late husband used to live in St. Kilda for quite a few years, before he moved back to Scotland {to look after his ill parents, then met me in 2000 - we got married in 2003 but unfortunately he died from Cancer in 2004} He was always telling me how nice St Kilda and Melbourne [and Australia] was. I think if he had not become ill we might well have moved back there. He was a Musician [guitarist] and also a carpenter. He worked for a while at Luna Park in the 70's/80's before concentrating on his music. He was lead guitar with Mother Superior and also with the Ray Burgess Band. Have you heard of them? His name was Joseph Durkin. I shall definately be coming back to your site infuture

Blamey said...

Glad you like the pics. I don't know of your husband but I bet many in St Kilda do - a lead guitarist doesn't go unnoticed here. The music scence is as strong as ever and I have a local lead guitarist in mind for a shoot at the Espie mid month