Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The beginning of a hot day on St Kilda Beach

From St Kilda Today


JR said...

thanks for taking the time to photograph the rubbish on St Kilda beach. The place is an absolute rubbish pit and is a very serious issue just being ignored by all in the area including the Mayor and Council. I visited St Kilda Beach during a mid week, ST Kilda beach is nothing more than a rubbish tip. The rubbish on St Kilda beach was disgusting (from litter and broken glass, rubbish left there). The Melbourne Bayside City of Port Phillip Council and and Mayor Frank O'Connor needs to enforce any clean up there eg. fines. All Councils can worry about is revenue collection parking fines. St Kilda Beach is a regular rubbish tip and the people that are going there. Forget the St Kilda triangle protests and all the protests from other issues in the area about saving the ammenity of St Kilda and the Bayside area, the main thing people should be protesting on and getting the council to enforce is the careless idiots who simply throw or leave litter on the st kilda beach without any regard as to where its going to end up.

Stefan Jansson said...

We have a similar situation in Sweden during the summer months people will just whatever junk they have right there on the beach or at a park.