Friday, September 22, 2006

Additional height to fund Art - The 165 Fitzroy St., St Kilda "trade-off"

Port Phillip council says:

"The key issue of concern is height. The building would exceed the preferred height control by up to 6.3m towards the Fitzroy Street end of the site, with three metres of sculptural “mesh” above that.

Whilst the building clearly exceeds the preferred height, it would represent a highly innovative addition to the streetscape. The architects argue that the artistic sculptural forms cannot be funded except by way of concession on the height. Residents would prefer a plainer but lower building. A trade-off is therefore necessary.

It is concluded that the building is worthy of support and that the location can sustain an innovative “landmark” building higher than the preferred height to provide a “gateway” entrance to the Fitzroy Street precinct when viewed from the intersection of Princes and Fitzroy Streets." Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Residents would prefer ...

I love it how people* can go around claiming to know what residents would prefer. To date I haven't been polled by these people for my opinion on any developement in the area. The last poll that was taken, was the last Council election in November 2004 - where we voted for councillors to represent us residents in making these decisions. I guess if you don't like this decision - you could vote, or even run, for council in 2008.

* self-annointed guardians of style and popular opinion