Friday, September 22, 2006

Skate Park to go opposite 165 Fitzroy St (Concept Design)

Presumably the cyclone fences to stop children running on to Fitzroy St will be added later? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Where's the graffiti?

saltwater said...

The design for the skate park is fantastic. We think it is great for skaters to have a good skate park. The location though is not the best for skaters nor residents.

Firstly, the open space is valuable for both local and regional open space reasons. Secondly, there are issues to do with it being a relatively dangerous corner to put skaters near traffic that is often quite fast flowing. I know Globe - the manufacturers of skate shoes and accessories is only around the corner and it suits their staff to have a skate park located around the corner... yet I thought that we were past the age of the corporation determining development and that grassroots locals and those who actually care about the environment, the health and well being of their children and their local community were the ones who make healthy decisions.

Local residents would prefer a different location.The mayor has NOT been listening... maybe using a workshop to work with residents to create a great location for a skate park that is both safe and great for both skaters and residents.

Councils and governments think that people just want to play the hippie protester and they really dont know what they are talking about.

They are wrong. Many local residents are highly qualified professionals who have learnt the value of family and healthy environment. They have busy lives and have to make time to take on these protests. They often wonder why the council they elected to preserve their area is working against them to create a concrete jungle. When with a little creative thinking, great communities can be built.

It also bemuses me that the people leading these "protests" are not achieving outcomes, but more interested in creating bizarre groups. Who on earth would throw anything at a public meeting when you are there to set an example and represent the views of many? It should be the spokepersons job to create a healthy vigorous debate without violence or representations of violent behavior.(st kilda triangle)

What is the outcome desired? How do we get it and without having to spend years in court cases to feed the legal industry. Its time to create healthy community development with excellent forms of community consultation that work and create positive outcomes for all.

Anonymous said...

Looks like changing the people who represent us did the trick - the skate park will be going somewhere more sensible now we have a new Council