Monday, April 07, 2008


From St Kilda Today


JaamZIN said...

this photo is alive!! great pic!

Budapest Daily Photo

Olivier said...

cette photo est un poème, je suis sous le charme. bravo au photographe et au modèle.

This picture is a poem, I am under the spell. Bravo to the photographer and the model.

Unknown said...

A shame we don't get to know anything about her. A woman of mystery then?

Anonymous said...

Well Gail's Man,
This is a photo of a 13year old boy who sometimes hangs around my work.
He is often loud and prone to bursts of stupid we like to call Freya-isms.

The last cracker involved the observation that "people from foreign countries also have a sense of humour- even though there not from here."

Ahh, sweet fist beatings from Freya- l feel you coming already for this one....