Friday, March 19, 2010

Still not leased - Is Fitzroy Street losing its appeal to fast foodies?

From St Kilda Today

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jamesnixon said...

It's a sign of the times .. two signs in fact. In Albert Park's shopping strip there are seven shops for lease, the highest ever at once since before 1991. Small business is doing it very tough in Australia today.

The second sign is that a real estate agent (a) doesn't have his mobile number on a sign (a first for this area for over a decade) and, (b) is only contactable for less than normal business hours.

Is this a sign of the problem of the times?

One half of the country is doing it tough and the other half has taken Kevin Rudd's bait.

Australia has dodged the GFC bullet - and half the country doesn't realise it's 'cos the government has put $58 Billion on the nation's credit card.