Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chronicles to close following lease hike

From St Kilda Today


Anonymous said...


Goodbye wonderful shop that I love,
I know the lady who lives above.
Im sure she's sad like me that your time has come,
At the hands of gentrified landlords and some,
Might be happy with the extra cash from good advice.
Handed out from bankers and business who got the worlds nuts in a vice.
But not me, not I, the absent St.Kilda-ite,
I wonder if when I return I'll recognize any sights?

Lee Harte

Anonymous said...

All the indies are getting closed up and pushed out. Character goes right out the window as money takes precedence. Bummer. Same thing happened here in New England to Harvard Square had great bohemian cache, now all gone cause money came to stay :(

Anonymous said...

What a shame, St Kilda is dying.