Saturday, November 11, 2006

St Kilda pier at night

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Volmon said...

In the early 1980s I lived on Marine Parade, just opposite the lighthouse (at No. 28 to be exact), which I could see from my kitchen window. In fact, I was looking out of his window when Melbourne was unexpectedly inundated, as it were, up by a colossal tidal wave of dust, that rolled in across the bay at a slow, but sinister, speed. At the time, there had been a lot of discussion - and quite a few protests, as well - in response to anxieties about an immanent apocalypse resulting from the nuclear arms race between the US and the Soviet Union, so the sight of a massive wall of earth rolling in from God-knows-where couldn't help but trigger the fear that Doomsday was not just on the way, but that it had arrived and was about to come knocking on my door. The panic, however, was soon dispelled by the realisation that it was more an example of living earth art than the end of life on earth. In fact, it was really quite spectacular.

There were, of course, many, many moments of blissful serenity. It is these I think of when I look at this photograph; which has me wishing I had never left that little place on the bay, with its window on a world that, fortunately, still hasn't ended.

Curly said...

Lovely picture Michael, I'd love to see it really big and wide.

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Blamey said...

Hi - I've been enjoying you're RSS too. Any chance of some Durham City pics sometime (I was there in the 60's)? Just click on the pic to make it bigger