Friday, January 01, 2010

Last night's change came through earlier than expected

From St Kilda Today

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Hilda said...

Oops. Hope you didn't get honked at (or worse) for taking too long to move.

I like how you caught the guys during happy hour. Quite perfect for today.

Happy New Year!

Julie said...

That would have put a damper on things, Michael.

I wish you health and happiness as we journey into 2010.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

At least the chaps on the left look as if they're under cover. It certainly poured alright, thor was at his very best with all that thunder ane lightning.
Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Julie said...

great street shot with so much going on. i love the reflection of the traffic light on the wet street. excellent image and great interpretation for theme day. Happy New year! I enjoyed my time in melbourne last holiday season. great place.

Kim said...

Gorgeous shot, and thanks for risking the light to get it for us! Happy, happy 2010 to you in St. Kilda!

IamMBB said...

Oops! Darn light. Glad you got the shot anyhow. Love the colors in the water.